About Tainan

Company Profile

Founded in August 1961, Tainan Enterprises Co., Ltd. is a professional garment OEM manufacturer. The main products include: pants, shirts, dresses, skirts, jackets, vests, and coats. Tainan Enterprises initially engaged in low-end and middle-end garments of K-mart and other discount stores. In 1995, it entered the market of middle-end and high-end garments after accepting orders from Conex. Currently, the company’s main clients include: GAP, MGF(MAST), Ann Taylor, Macy’s, Talbots, and other middle-end and high-end casual apparel retailers. At present, Tainan Enterprise’s Tainan Plant is the product design center and it is the production base of high-end products. In addition, the processes and management in Taiwan have been transferred to overseas production bases, including Indonesia, China, and Cambodia. 

The Effectiveness of the International Distribution

Maximized Benefits of the Regional Economy   


Following Taiwan’s economic takeoff and increased labor and land costs, Tainan Enterprises set up factories in China, Indonesia, and Cambodia. Taiwan is now mainly the location for offering training for accepting orders from new clients, while the China plant mainly accepts domestic orders and orders from the United States. Moreover, due to Taiwan’s advantage of having the same culture and language as China, the China plant is also the base for training talents, whereas the Indonesia and Cambodia plants have become the main production bases due to their more favorable labor qualities and labor cost related conditions. Through dispersed manufacturing, staff training, and design functions, Tainan Enterprises has established a unique competitive advantage in the global apparel market.

Business Strategies for Diversification

In recent years, Tainan Enterprises has been aggressively proceeding in the vertical integration in alliance with the designer team to advance fashion market trend. It's to develop diversified items of production as well as broaden the OEM garment business to knitting and sportswear fields by applying the experience on producing middle-end and high-end clothing for responding accordingly to the consumer market being in an instant a myriad changes in order to satisfy the demand of one-stop shopping. In the future, the company will be still sustaining the operation model that covers adjusting production as a high quality process and efficiency oriented.

The Realization to Corporate Social Responsibility

Tainan Enterprises has been always recognizing and reflecting the corporate social responsibility, which not only concerns the human rights, female worker solicitude and environmental protection to the local employees around the globe, but also aggressively participates and implements various projects which can contribute to employees to live healthily and work happily. Furthermore, in 2001, Tainan Enterprises Culture and Arts Foundation was established in Taiwan to actively and constantly participate in education, culture, environmental protection and social assistance, such as to sponsor the activities and gradation exhibition offered by universities which has the fashion design related majors in order to develop more garment fashion designers. Since Tainan Enterprises has a special feeling to the land Tainan city, where it originally started, the company has been devoting the natural and cultural assess preservation to this community. As well, Tainan Enterprises has received various CSR awards. Just as Tainan Enterprises' 50 years of history, it believes in and has made come true the consistent belief of "truth, goodness, and beauty"