About Tainan


1961 Founded by Mr. Yang, Kun-Mou
1987 Mr. Yang Ching-Hon elected president of the company
1993 Launch of 「Tony Wear」 brand in China
1993 Start production in Indonesia (PT. Tainan Enterprises Indonesia) 
1994 Started production in China (YiXing GaoQing Garments Co, Ltd.)
1996 Become a public-owned company, capitalization USD7.85 million
1998 Start production in Cambodia (Tai Yang Enterprise Co., Ltd)
1999 Listed on the OTC market
1999 Established Tainan Enterprise (Cayman) Co., Limited
2000 Listed on the TWSE main board
2002 Increase capitalization to USD39.1 million
2002 Launch of Camel active brand in China
2004 Launch of 「Tony Jeans」 brand in China
2004 Issue first Euro-Convertible Bond, USD20 million and strengthen corporate governance 
2004 Launch of 「Emely」brand in China
2005 Start production in Cambodia (Camwell Manufacturing Co., Ltd.)
2008 Launch of 「Newman」brand in China/td>
2008 Launch of 「Tony Uomo」brand in China
2009 Launch of 「Emely Sweetie」brand in China
2010 Start production in Cambodia (Tainan Enterprises (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.)
2011 Tainan Enterprise (Cayman) Co., Ltd List on TWSE market
2011 Start production in China (Zhoukou Tainan Garments Co., Ltd.)
2014 Launch of “RUE 58” website & brand in Taiwan
2015 Invested in “G-Spec International Co., Ltd”