Message from Chairman

From Social Responsibility to Corporate Value Creation
- Chairman Yang Ching-Hon

Money making is the only social responsibility of businesses! This statement used to be commonly accepted truth in the old times, but having entered the 21st century, corporate social responsibility has presented a new look. In one way, enterprises have to create economic value and help shareholders and investors make profits; in the other, enterprises must create social value, not only to pay taxes required by law and endeavor for environmental protection, but also safeguard labor rights and actively participate in various philanthropic works in the society. In addition, each employee should have full knowledge, participate, and agree that corporate profit making is just as important as social care.

Business growth is a means to the pursuit of happiness

As a business operator, taking good care of the staff’s livelihood is the most basic obligation. For employees, the purpose of working is to have money to eat, support family, and lead a good life. Why else should people work? So, treating staff well is necessary for business survival. Employee welfare cannot be taken for granted; it is a commitment we must keep for it is perfectly justified.

Therefore, in the company’s CSR implementation process, I hope to start from reforming our traditional thinking. Can the company supervisors not pay more attention to whether or not the employees are having a good life instead of telling them all day to do a good job at work? Whether or not work is done properly is dependent on the company’s system design. I believe that if we treat a child kindly and with a lot of love and care, the child would eventually be as if he or she were our own. As long as there is love and care, the company management will form a culture of love and mutual trust under good faith. The company’s belief in the truth, goodness, and beauty, to such foundation, can in turn contribute to the creation of new value. I believe that only companies with value and dreams can be respected and recognized by employees, thus a greater sense of participation and trust, and even a sense of honor. With such a corporate culture, new corporate management ideas can continue to be brought up, thereby reducing staff turnover and improving the overall production efficiency.

The CSR Incorporated into the Company DNA

With the gradual internalization of the company overwhelmed by the wave of globalization, how the company fulfills its “corporate social responsibility” shall remain an issue to ponder. Currently, the major international investment institutions require stock listed companies to provide reports on corporate management, environmental protection, and social responsibility as well as assessments of corporate social responsibility performance, which shall serve as a reference for investment. For example, the United States Securities companies Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley have already incorporated social responsibility into their corporate assessment standards. Large international firms have also demanded suppliers to comply with the CSR standards. In other words, the larger the enterprise, the greater the responsibility. The CSR implementation performance will be crucial for global enterprise layout in the 21st century.

In the past, in the territory of globalization and supply chain, we generally played the passive role of the producer to meet the buyers’ requirements and dominate the transnational services in the global markets. However, with ht evolution of globalization, Tainan Enterprises also became increasingly transnational. Relatively, we are also burdened with greater expectations and higher inspection standards from the international community compared to other Taiwanese enterprises. Therefore, in the field of sustainable development, how to make our business philosophy more forward looking in line with or in synchrony with the international standards so that we can compete with our competitors in Europe, the United States, Japan, and Korea shall remain the greatest challenge in the future. Therefore, we have set up social responsibility departments in our overseas branches one after another. Meanwhile, the foundation was established in 2001. For a long time, we have bet a lot of effort in four areas: arts and culture, community care, ecological conservation, and cultivation of human resources.
In the face of global competition, we have to have an open mind to learn to become a forward-looking multinational company, map out a sound business strategy to win a long-term competitive advantage over others. Only when Tainan Enterprises truly sees people, environment, and the value and dignity of all things can it voice for the promotion of sustainable development on the international stage. In addition to creating profits, we must more clearly answer: is the existence of the company is beneficial for community?  Has improvement been made on the environment? In the process of wealth creation, have immoral or unethical things been done? In the CSR implementation process, have we changed from “profit-oriented” into “public-oriented?” Has the CSR been fully integrated into the company’s corporate culture? As a leading enterprise in line with the world, we must constantly reflect on ourselves and be persistent.

Enterprises cannot detach from the soil of society

The community is the land and enterprises are trees. Enterprises absorb nutrients from human resources and markets. When leaves and fruits fall to the ground, the land becomes nourished once again and more forests will grow from it. People have long believed that participation in welfare is only a good deed of the leaders that there may not be substantial feedback. However, more and more researches show that an enterprise’s fulfillment of social responsibility is like planting a seed that will eventually feedback to the enterprise. Compared to advanced countries in Europe and the Untied States, our implementation of social responsibility is still in a primary stage. I believe that through long-term involvement, we will find the social value of the company existence, and gradually our brand value will virtually be developed. Therefore, I would like to encourage everyone to adhere to the “three good practices,” namely, conscientiousness (the noble character of honesty) and intuitive knowledge to know right or wrong (new knowledge in pace of the world) in the implementation of the selfless social feedback plan, supplemented by the intuitive ability (full implementation) so that the CSR can be based on the business ethics, and we can wholeheartedly contribute to the local community and environment. I also earnestly hope that everyone at Tainan Enterprises, regardless of rank, takes part in corporate social responsibility. I keep in mind every day that we will not only be a profitable company, but also be a respectable one. This is the breadth of mind that every Taiwanese enterprise should have.