CSR Review

Tainan Enterprises’ Road to Corporate Social Responsibility

With the increasing popularity of corporate social responsibility, more and more customers attach importance to factories’ performance in human rights, industrial safety, female worker solicitude and environmental protection. In 2004, Tainan Enterprises integrated the related resources and formally established the Corporate Social Responsibility Department to enhance the social compliance performance of its factories and meet the customers’ expectations for all aspects of corporate social responsibility.

Tainan Enterprises is a firm that recognizes and reflects the corporate social responsibility. In 1993, the first Taiwanese overseas plant was set up near the capital Jakarta, Indonesia. Later on, plants were set up one after another in China, Indonesia, Cambodia, etc. Over the years, Tainan Enterprises has regarded its employees around the world as members of the big family. All the employees observe the same code of conduct, including the prohibition of any form of discrimination such as religion, race, nationality, gender, etc., the prohibition of forced labor and child labor, the provision of staff salary benefits and overtime pay, working hours by law, provision of safe and hygienic work environments and fair treatment. After more than a decade of working together, employees are now all like family even though they have different political, cultural, educational, and economic backgrounds. More than 90% of the managers in some regions are the locals and many Taiwanese cadres can communicate with other employees in the local language. The plant in Indonesia holds employee activities every year, such as sport events, outings, parties, and so on. In addition, the plant in Indonesia has been running "HER" project since 2013, which provides training courses with subjects of about Health and Finance. As for the environmental protection project, the plant donates a double amount of the earning coming from the recycled bottles sold to the orphanage and visits local orphans with health knowledge provided. The plant located in the less-developed Cambodia has also spared no effort to help the local community over the years, such as the long-term funding of kindergartens and primary schools nearby, the construction of school buildings, gates, and fences, helping children to buy supplies, assist the community in paving roads and installing streetlights. In 2010, the foundation was established locally to provide scholarships for Cambodian employees’ children and the local Chinese schools. For female worker solicitude, the plant in Cambodia has been implementing "P.A.C.E." program, which provides up to 8 learning modules with methdologies used to increase local emplyees' knowledge, contribute to their personal growth and change the trajectory of their lives. In terms of environmental protection, in order to save energy, reduce carbon emissions, and protect the earth, the Cambodia plant helped replace more than ten thousand streetlights, while the China’s plant conversion devices were operated through steam energy in place of coal.

For decades, the company actively engaged in operation and management in Taiwan. In 2010, the Tainan plant donated machinery and equipment to Tzu Chi Great Love Village and assigned special personnel to teach the villagers to make clothes. In 2001, Tainan Enterprises Culture and Arts Foundation was established to actively and constantly participate in education, culture, environmental protection, and social assistance, such as university apparel related departmental activities and graduation exhibitions in order to nurture fashion talents. Originated and prospered in Tainan, Tainan Enterprises holds special sentiments for this land. Thus, by means of project execution, the company has long engaged in the preservation of the natural ecologies and cultural assets in Tainan. In 2003, it first adopted Barclay Memorial Park, Tainan, subsequently adopted Lakeside Water Bird Park, from which extended events such as waterfront cycling, Yanshuei River cleanup, and so on were held. It also actively participated in the preservation of the history and culture of Tainan, such as activities in the Old Street and old buildings such as Pepper Tube, Century Church, and Old House Xin Li.

Corporate social responsibility is multi-dimensional and can be expressed in many ways, but the most fundamental and important of which is to respect business ethics and earn profits in a legitimate way, rather than the superficial window dressing. Founded in 1961, Tainan Enterprises upholds the Founding Chairman Mr. Yang Kun-Mao’s faith-based philosophy that despite the two plant fires in 1984 and 1985 no employee’s pay was delayed based on the company’s commitment for the employees and customers, and work was resumed shortly after. Since the public listing in 2000, Tainan Enterprises has constantly worked on its finances and business ethics despite the world’s economic turmoil. The company relentlessly strives to maintain good business performance and profitability and values its integrity and reputation, as a fulfillment of its responsibility for the employees and shareholders, as well as the customer and consumers. On top of that, it is also the responsibility for empowering social and economic stability.

What kind of social responsibility does an enterprise shoulder? Just as Tainan Enterprises’ over 50 years of history, it believes in and has made come true the consistent belief of “truth, goodness, and beauty”